Will an Automatic Gate Protect Your Melbourne Home?

Automatic gates Melbourne are one of the best methods to keep your house or business safe and secure. Besides providing a physical barrier between you and a potential trespasser, automatic gates also assist in safeguarding your children and pets by keeping them from straying out into the street and allowing remote monitoring of who goes in and out of your property. Additional security measures like cameras and motion sensors can also be added as features to the automatic gates to notify you upon detecting the presence of would-be intruders before they even step foot inside your premises.

No matter how good the claims are regarding automatic gates, it’s understandable that you may still be in doubt about the security they offer. This article aims to erase such doubt by describing how an automatic gate can secure your home, as well as your personal or business-related commodities, without having you constantly monitor the location.

Electric Gate Melbourne

Quicker & Hassle-Free

Automatic gates serve to create a barrier between you and the rest of the world, giving you a sense of security. Manual gates also do just that, but there’s more to automatic gates Melbourne than meets the eye.

With automatic gates, you don’t have to manually open and shut the gate all day long to keep cars and people out. In contrast, many individuals who acquire a big manual gate soon become tired of constantly opening and closing it. And eventually, they give up and leave it open, placing themselves and everything inside their property in danger of an easy break-in.

You can get away from the inconvenience of having to physically open and shut the gate every time by installing an automatic gate, one that can be monitored and controlled remotely. As an example, you can put an electronic keypad in front of your automatic gate that only you and a small group of people you trust with its unique access code can use. Then with this feature, only your family and trusted individuals will be able to enter your property, allowing you to save the hassle and feel secure at the same time.

Sturdy & Stable

Automated gates can indeed bear a great deal of force, but to what extent? Well, it depends on the gate’s construction and material. Theoretically speaking, intruders can still force open your automatic gate and break into your property, regardless of what material the gate is built with. But with an electric lock or magnetic lock, you can add another layer of protection to your automatic gate Melbourne and make it a level more difficult for a would-be burglar to open the gate by sheer force.

Any attempt to manually break the gate is far less likely to succeed if you provide it with high-quality hinges. This solution applies especially to swinging automatic gates. Potential intruders would have a tough time detaching the hinges from the gate fixture.

You may also protect your house or business by installing an automatic sliding gate. With this type of gate system, the only way a brute force effort would be successful is if the intruder could dislodge the sliding gate from the track on which it runs. A successful attempt in doing that would be close to impossible, given how difficult it is to pull off.

Can Detect Proximity & Access

To keep your house or business more secure, you can add a wide variety of additional security measures into your automatic gate Melbourne.

It is possible to identify visitors before allowing them into your home by accessorising your automatic gate with motion sensors, keypads, cameras, and an intercom system, which would enable you to speak with them through the intercom system. With such interconnected security systems in place, you can be sure that only those whom you trust will be able to access your property. Even if you’re not at home or on vacation, you’ll be alerted immediately if an intruder tries to break into our property and activates any pre-existing alarm and security system. This feature allows you to respond quickly to the situation in real-time, not after the fact when it’s already too late.

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An automated gate can help keep your house or business safe in various ways. Call or visit us now at our office in Melbourne if you have any questions or request a free quotation with no obligation attached. It will be our pleasure to meet with you to discuss your needs and budget and develop an automatic gate solution that meets both.

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