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As a provider and installer of the best motorised gates Melbourne has to offer, it means you are in safe hands should you go ahead and give us a call. With an extensive list of happy customers, and years experience in the industry, we can have your brand new motorised gates up and running in next to no time.

The Benefits of Having a Motorised Gate

But why even both with having a motorised gate?

First, it makes life so much easier. No need to pull your gate along, which isn’t always easy if your gate is of a solid and heavy construction. Suddenly, having everything motorised means it slides along with ease, and there’s no need to worry about putting in all of that effort.

Next, they are easy to operate, and are easier to install than you think. Also, your security is never going to be compromised when you have a motorised gate. Instead, when you couple this with either an automated gate or operate it via remote control, then you know that you gate is closed and locked each and every time.

If you would like to hear more about the benefits of having a motorised gate on your property, then get in touch with us via our website. A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and don’t forget about our free quote option.

Our Installation Team

So, why us? Well, we have an extensive amount of experience related to the installation of motorised gates Melbourne, and that experience counts for so much.

We also operate to the highest industry standards with our installation team being highly trained in what they do. Our experience and ability allows us to provide you with the perfect solution for your needs each and every time.

Also, we cover the whole Melbourne area, so our team is in your area and ready to offer our advice on the best solutions for your needs. We assess the size of gate, offer advice on the options, and then provide you with a free quote, so you know in advance how much it will all cost with no surprises.

Motorised Gate Melbourne

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Your Options and Our Brands

Talking of options, you will be amazed at how many there are when it comes to something such as a motorised gate. From a variety of styles, sizes, opening options, the list is endless, but that’s where our customer services department will come into their own.

We listen to your needs and wants in connection with a motorised gate. We look at your current setup, the height and width, even the material and design you would like your motorised gate to be made from.

All of this plays a role in the end result, but we are on hand to guide you through every part, and we can assure you that you will be more than happy with the end result.

But what about brands? We only ever believe in using the best motors, so companies such as Mercury and Bull will be used on a regular basis. We also use brands such as Ducati for sliders, and even when we use hardware that doesn’t come with a fancy name attached, each piece is manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Security Gate Melbourne

Ongoing Maintenance

Motorised gates can eventually run into problems if you do not service them on a regular basis. Regular servicing will not only give you peace of mind, but will also mean we can identify potential problems developing before they get too bad.

Parts can be worn down over years, that’s just a part of the manufacturing process that nobody can do anything about. But that shouldn’t mean your gate lies broken and not up to par. Instead, our team of engineers are on hand to not only carry out that servicing, but to also carry out any repairs that may be necessary.

So, if you have a motorised gate and it’s not functioning correctly, then why not give us a call and see how we can help? Our engineers are in your area and can have everything back up and running in no time at all.

Contact Us for a Free Quote

Having a new motorised gate needn’t be as expensive as you feared. If you would like to find out exactly how much it’s all going to cost, then why not take advantage of our completely free quote? Simply call us or drop us a line via our website and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your needs and give you that all-important quote. 

We also offer Remote Control Gates, Security Gates, Electric Gates, Swing Gates, Automatic Sliding Gates, Sliding Gates, and Gate Automation service throughout Melbourne.

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