How Secure Are Automatic Gates?

Getting an automatic gates installed is one of the safest and most effective ways to protect your family and business. 

They are a physical barrier to prevent unwanted visitors, but they also have the advantage of stopping your children and pets from getting out onto the road too!

Another feature of automatic gates is their ability to let you know when someone is entering or leaving the property, with smart technology giving you access to alerts and even camera footage every time they are activated. 

Your property might not have the best fences, and intruders may be able to gain access at another point. If you have an automatic gate installed, a car thief will see that as another hurdle and will look for easier pickings elsewhere. 

Automatic gates stay shut all the time, only opening to allow people with a responder or code to get past them. Usually, this is enough of a deterrent for most opportunistic intruders, but there are many other features and bonuses to installing automatic gates!

Automatic Gates Help To Control Access

Any kind of gate will create a barrier between you and the outside world, so why is an automatic gate better? 

The first reason is that it stops people from simply pushing the gate and walking in. For most people with a manual gate, at some point, they get sick and tired of getting out of their car to open and close it (especially if it’s raining) and so over time it stays open. 

This never happens with an automatic gate, as they have timers that shut them each time you open them. 

If you have a keypad or remote access system installed, then only people you trust with the code or can identify via a camera will be able to enter your premises, giving you peace of mind when you are away from home. 

Many systems have a built-in tailgating mechanism that shuts the gate quickly behind you, stopping someone from following you in through the gate behind you.

Increased Privacy

Having a solid gate that is shut all the time gives you a lot more privacy. If you have items on your property like luxury cars or bikes, you don’t want to encourage thieves by being able to see them from the street. 

You can get solid manual gates too, but as we know, they are heavy, and it’s not always convenient to shut them every time. 

When a solid gate stays open, it’s like having no gate and really compromises your security and privacy. Solid automatic gates can solve this problem for you very quickly!

Remote Control Gate

They Can Deter Unwanted Visitors

A huge number of crimes are opportunistic. The would-be thieves can easily gain entry and exit to the property by simply pushing open a gate or walking up the driveway. 

A properly installed automatic gate will be quite the deterrent for a criminal looking for an easy target. 

Your automatic gate will cover the driveway but if your walls and fences are low and easily accessed, you will only deter car thieves who won’t be able to drive the car out and not burglars who can help themselves to easily carry items and walk out and over the fence…

Because thieves often come prepared, cars and vans can carry ladders and the like which can be used to climb fences or even automatic gates. This is where deterrents like visible cameras, CCTV, warning signs and lights with motion detectors make many thieves think twice.

Desperate thieve may ram a gate with a vehicle. This is where automatic gates work really well. With extra strong locking mechanisms, when an automatic gate is hit by a vehicle, the lock usually holds, stopping them from gaining entry. 

But with enough time to apply enough force, a vehicle may still break gate opener mechanisms or hinges. An electric lock or, better yet, a magnetic lock, is likely to make this type of break-in too difficult and time-consuming for the thief. 

Even if the lock holds, often on older gates, the hinges might not. This is more of a concern with older manual gates, and so a modern sliding gate is the best solution if you think a brute force attack is a likely scenario in your neighbourhood. 

Another way a desperate thieve might think to access your automatic gates is to cut the power to the house to cause the gates to be able to be slid open manually. A backup battery and surge protection are necessary if you think this is a likely scenario, It’s also great if you have a blackout, and you need to get in or out of your gate!


If you truly want to stop any unauthorised vehicle from entering your property, have a look at retracting bollards. They can be installed outside your automatic gates and only retract using the responder. It’s another layer that tells thieves that you are serious about keeping them out!

Security Integration

Your driveway and gates are the first lines of defence against intruders, and so it makes sense to attach various monitoring systems that attach to your security system or even to your phone. 

By installing cameras, motion sensors, keypads, and an intercom to your automatic gates, you will be able to pick up on a possible intrusion and any unwanted visitors as they approach the gate. 

Cameras are a great deterrent but also help you to identify the intruder to the Police if need be later on. Automatic gates are just part of your overall security and privacy system.

Gated car parking

Monitor who enters and leaves the premises

An intercom system connected to our devices allows us to chat with the delivery guy, watch the meter reader and tell the friend who dropped by that you’re not home without leaving your workplace. 

Having alerts allows you to instantly react to any breaches of your security, as well as monitor and record the intrusion. The peace of mind having cameras around your property brings is almost priceles

Automatic Gates and Hacking

Stopping intruders from gaining access to the codes your receivers use is as simple as making sure you get one that has an anti-hacking system installed. While there is specialised equipment that can collect and replicate the code, if you have anti-hacking software installed, this won’t be possible on your gate’s system. 

If your gate and security are connected to your properties Wi-Fi, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your network is secure and hidden if possible. If a hacker can gain access to your Wi-Fi, they may be able to open your gates and disarm your security.

We are experts in automatic gates!

If this all sounds very technical and hard to follow, then call us. We are the experts in automatic gates, and we know how to put it all together to give you the level of security that you need for your family and possessions. 

We offer a comprehensive automatic gate service right here in Melbourne, and we know the crime types and rates in your area. Whether you are looking for a new system to replace a manual gate or just an upgrade on what you have, give us a call, and we will show you how to increase your security and keep you and your family safe

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