Common Gate Automation Mistake And How To Avoid Them

Are you thinking about getting a gate automation Melbourne for your house or business, maybe? Assuming so, this is a wise decision. By automating your gate openings (and closings), you can save time and money while simultaneously improving your home’s overall security. People who don’t belong on your property will be unable to get in as you are less likely to leave your gate open.

Nonetheless, there are various options to consider when it comes to gate automation Melbourne. And you can avoid some expensive and annoying blunders by following these two guidelines.

Automatic Gate Melbourne


Incorrect Motor Selection

Many people believe that all automated gates are the same. After all, what’s so complicated about a motor and a few electrical components, right? Well, it’s not as simple as that. There is a unique set of specific requirements for each gate that can vary the selection of motor to be used. The primary considerations when selecting the suitable motor for your gate automation include the following:

Using motors and control panels of lower quality for your automated gate will probably fail after long periods. Or, if you employ plastic gears inside, they will wear out relatively fast, although they may operate initially. That slightest bump or gust of wind on the gate would be enough to shatter them.

If you’re in the market for gate automation Melbourne, it’s crucial to remember these key points regarding the electric motor used:


Improper Construction or Installation

Following the selection of a suitable motor for your specific automated gate requirements, the next step is to make sure that it is properly fitted. Although it’s a typical blunder, many people neglect to secure the engine by bolting it into concrete or a sturdy steel structure. Even if the gate functions with such installation error, the gears will rapidly wear down, and they will drastically reduce the gate’s lifespan.

In the case of swinging gates, the motors will also need to be positioned precisely to function correctly. If the motor is not set correctly, the swinging action of the gate automation Melbourne will be jerky rather than smooth. It may also put excessive load on the motor and thus, limits its lifespan.

Control panels that have not been securely sealed are pretty prevalent, too. With such a blunder, bugs, insects, and moisture will inevitably find their way into its circuitry and destroy it. You can easily prevent such a scenario by inspecting the equipment for possible gaps or flaws in its construction.

By following the suggestions in the above points, you can prevent expensive and annoying blunders with your gate automation Melbourne. If you have questions or concerns with gate automation, you can contact us now or visit our Melbourne office for a consultation. You can prevent any potential mistake if you take steps to speak with the right professionals before making your decision.

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